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New Releases
2008-02-05 : Nodame Cantabile 14

2007-12-21 : Mahoujin Guruguru Doki Doki Legend 08

2007-11-09 : Mahoujin Guruguru Doki Doki Legend 07

2007-08-16 : Nodame Cantabile 13

2007-07-11 : Nodame Cantabile 12


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Anime-Keep encodes can all be played back using the latest versions of the following software. These can all be obtained free of charge from the links provided.

AC3 Filter
Please note that if you have problems with the audio of any of recent releases you are missing this require audio codec. After installation the file should play with no difficulties.

FFDShow contains all the latest codec you will require to play all of our encodes and hopefully other group's encodes aswell. It also provides a detailed GUI for thoses that require alterations to the default settings.

Media Player Classic
Is a light and robust player. It is highly recommended for use with our encodes.